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A Story of a Great man in Bangladesh
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Spiritual Life


Khanbahadur Ahsanullah was an extremely pious man. In his spiritual quest, he received a good measure of attainment. In 1909, he received his spiritual bayat in the hands of the famous Hazrat Shah Gafur (R) of Patna, India. Today, he is revered by all as a very successful peer or saint. However, for the novelty of his perceptions, thoughts and religious beliefs, he could not be put in the same league with the other peers of the time. Rather than communicating with his followers from the elevated position of a saint, he always emerged before them as a friend.

He gave his admirers, followers and well-wishers the status of friends. His natural humility and spiritual radiance gave many people a new direction for leading a worthy and beautiful life. The remark of Khanbahadur Ahsanullah stated below on the mutual relation between the saint and his followers, bears testimony to the clarity, wiseness and humbleness of his character:

"The responsibility of the peer or the saint is to flourish and nurture the spiritual power of his followers. No saint can create spiritual power. He can only bring to surface, the power already bestowed on one by the Almighty. As friction on any iron substances could create fire, the Almighty has given in all human beings, a secret source of His own power. That power has to be attained through love and prayers. And, for this reason, there is the need for good teachers."

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