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A Story of a Great man in Bangladesh
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This is the Tomb of  honored Khanbahadur Ahsanullah. He passed away on Tuesday February 9, 1965 at 10:10 am. But he was not buried on the same day. His sanctimonious body was kept for 2 days for the greater interest of showing last respect from his innumerable devotees and pursues from home and abroad. In the evening of Thursday February 11, 1965, he was laid down in the Grave which was constructed in the eye of tomb. The Tomb is covered by the eye-catching architectural and naturalistic beauty. Now, it is being honored and treated as Pak Rawja Sharif.

For further information regarding Pak Rawja Sharif please contact Ansar Uddin Ahmed, who has dedicated his life to establish and fulfil the ceremonial of Pak Rawja Sharif.

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